By Lori Fickling

Healthcare costs and medical bills can be devastating but Jessie can and wants to be a part of bringing hope back to healthcare.

When you ask Jessie Gutierrez why he chose to work for US Health Advisors he’ll tell you it’s because of how much the company helps their customers. If you ask him why he chose the healthcare industry in the first place he’ll tell you it’s because of his drive and passion to help people and teach them new things. It was a perfect match.

Jessie is a graduate of Lewisville High School and has spent his career in customer service training and consulting, continuously educating his clients in order to guide them to their best options. He wants to help people understand what kind of insurance coverage they have, especially people who are self-employed, who typically pay a great deal for healthcare. He has seen firsthand how devastating healthcare costs and medical bills can be and he wants to be a part of bringing hope back to healthcare.

US Health Advisors provides healthcare for individuals and small business owners. In a year when healthcare as we know it has been turned on its head, finding a company and an agent that can wade through the new rules and offer alternatives that provide lower monthly premiums, better benefits, and lower deductible, is a breath of fresh air.

According to Jessie, this company is more about the client than they are about the money, and that’s exactly how he feels.

Jessie and his wife, an epilepsy technician at Texas Health Presbyterian Flower Mound, live in Copper Canyon with their 10 year-old son. He is an avid motor sports and Harley enthusiast and spends his spare time on ATVs and dirt bikes. In addition, he spends time volunteering with the company’s nonprofit, HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday.)

US Health Advisors just won its 10th Stevie Award in four years, the only company in history to accomplish this. The Stevie Awards recognizes companies for most innovative products, best customer service, and fastest growing, among other things.

Jessie loves helping people in his own community and would welcome the opportunity to help you understand your health policy and how you can find the optimal solution for your needs. He lives and works in this community and has a unique understanding of the needs of the self-employed.

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