Open your eyes and see the beauty of all the special people in your life.

The beginning of every year is a crossroad for us and every step is a choice. Will we continue down the path we’re on and hope for better results? In Texas, we call this “keep on keeping on”. I prefer to glance back but focus on where I want to go. My philosophy about mistakes is simply to learn from them and try to be smarter next time. The fault of youth is our ego and pride, but as we shed these ill-fitting garments, we can don a beautiful coat, woven with compassion, humility integrity and generosity.

So as I gaze at my upcoming year, I hold in my heart the truths I’ve learned thus far. I find myself in a peaceful state of my 2016 crossroad, realizing the only element truly predictable about our journey is the inevitability of change. Like Daddyo would say, “Go with the flow.” My interpretation is to waste less energy on the stress of swimming upstream; learn how to float a little.

It’s my greatest hope as I share my thoughts today, that you are able to catch a glimpse into my heart. I’m learning to enjoy today more and embrace with gratitude all of my blessings. I choose to let go of past disappointments so that they don’t become baggage.

Life is about so much more than a perceived title or how others view us. Open your eyes and see the beauty of all the special people in your life. Let them know how much you appreciate their unique illumination. They already know about their faults, so work at building them up rather than tearing them down.

When you begin to practice this, the energy around you changes and so many positive occurrences begin to happen. I wish I’d learned this basic truth at a much younger age, but I was swimming in a big sea of pride and ego. I was unteachable until my forties. As I grow older, I don’t care for my reflection in the mirror as much, but the reflection in my heart is much more to my liking. That’s all for now my friends. We love to connect with our readers. Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the many other social media formats. Please share your good news with us!

As always, from the heart,

JaLynn West

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