By Eren Turner

Be Nicer, Be Grateful, Find Time to Relax, Keep Moving, and Be Healthy.

Many people start off the New Year with plans to better themselves through resolutions. When you are looking for areas of improvement in your life, we at Youth and Family Counseling want you to consider improving your mental health as well. And don’t worry that January 1st has already past; these are intentions you can start any day of the year!

1. “I will be nicer to myself.” Negative self-talk permeates our society. From disparaging comments about how we look to beating ourselves up for making mistakes, our self-talk has a powerful influence on how we view ourselves. Write out a list of good things about you (ask a loved one for help if needed), and then posted on a mirror where you can read it daily.

2. “I will find gratitude in small and big things.” Studies show that seeking out reasons to be grateful helps us feel more positive. Consider starting a gratitude journal and writing down the things you are thankful for or just take a few minutes at the start or end of the day to acknowledge the blessings in your life.

3. “I will take time to relax and enjoy my life.” Life is busy, and most of us have many commitments. It is vital though to take the time to really focus and enjoy the lives we lead. Put the technology down and really spend time with loved ones or take time to participate in a hobby you truly enjoy.

4. “I will move a little bit every day.” Numerous clinical studies have shown the benefits of exercise on mental health. Physical activity releases serotonin, improving a person’s mood and lessening feelings of depression.

5. “I will commit to being mentally healthy.” There continues to be a stigma in our country associated with mental health treatment, however it is just as important to be mentally healthy as it is to be physically healthy. Seeking counseling from a trained, unbiased person can help us work towards becoming the person we want to be.

By incorporating some or all of these ideas into your lifestyle, you can provide immeasurable benefit to yourself and your well-being.

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