By John Steele

The first one was a slow fall when her mother’s walker got stuck on the door frame. Mom was able to pull herself back up. Mom didn’t tell Jane about this fall so she would not be concerned.

Two days later, Mom fell again and hit her head on the chair. Mom was a little shaken this time. She lives by herself and needed her daughter to stop by with reassurance. Jane was concerned, but was assured by her mother that it was an isolated occurrence.

“I’m fine, Jane – really”.

A few days later, Mom fell and could not move to reach her cell phone to call. Jane stopped by later that day with some fresh baked goods and found her mother on the floor – responsive, but not able to move.

Later, at the hospital, Jane stroked her mother’s hand, and very kindly said, “Mom, it’s time for you to be living in a safer place”. Jane called John Steele for help.

John has been helping Dallas older adults and their families through late-life transitions for over fifteen years. As caregiver for his aging mother, he learned first-hand how older adults and children feel about these difficult decisions, and how best to serve them.

He formed Alternative Living Choices two years ago so he could follow this passion. John assesses the current situation, including health needs, financial resources, and family preferences to find the appropriate living situation. John arranges appointments at retirement communities, and will accompany the families as they visit each one. Should other resources be needed, John will refer the families to the appropriate places.

John Steele’s services are at no charge to the families. Jane is grateful to John Steele and Alternative Living Choices for helping her guide Mom to the next phase of her life.

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