Flora and Ed have lived in the same two-floor house for over 40 years. The kids are grown with children of their own and live in distant cities. They have all come home to celebrate Ed’s 85th birthday. Flora loves to cook for the extended family, while Ed entertains the children with games and stories.

The adult children notice that Dad isn’t moving easily this time and Mom forgot to cook some of the usual items. Flora and Ed don’t see the difference, but the children notice changes.

It’s time to have the family conversation. This is sometimes difficult to do, especially if Flora and Ed are denying their decline in ability to take care of themselves, not to mention their 40 year home. One suggestion is that the children contact someone who can guide both parents and children through these decisions.

John Steele is a professional Eldercare Advisor who helps families sort through transition options to determine the choices that best suit Flora and Ed’s situation. John Steele has lived in Dallas for over 35 years, and was the long time principal caregiver for his mother until her death. While working with Hospice, John helped many families evaluate healthcare and living options for their loved ones. This experience led John to create Alternative Living Choices so he could focus on helping families full time.

John assesses the elder’s current situation, including health, financial resources, and family preferences. He will arrange appointments at senior living communities and, if requested, accompany the families there. Should other resources be needed, John will refer the families to the appropriate places.

Best of all: John’s services are at no charge to the families.

Flora and Ed and their family will be in good, caring hands with John Steele and Alternative Living Choices.

Contact John Steele for a free consultation at:
214.402.3552, www.alternativelivingchoices.org, or alternativelivingchoices@gmail.com