Those that know me know how much I believe in advertising. Unfortunately, most people don’t invest a lot of money into advertising because they don’t realize that it has a direct correlation to the growth and success of their business. My question to you is this: “If you have a great product or service and you don’t advertise, how do you expect people to find you or know about what you have to offer?”

Think of your favorite soft drink, candy bar, snack food, or restaurant. How much do you think they spend on advertising every year? Even if they are well known, they still advertise. Why? To stay in front of the consumer.

All too often, I’ve seen people buy business cards, only to throw them into a drawer. Those business cards aren’t benefiting the business while sitting in a drawer. That’s the same thing when a business doesn’t advertise. You can have the best product or service but if no one knows who you are or where to find you, you’re in the same situation as the person who bought business cards to put in a drawer.

Our Community Magazine’s goal is to provide a family-friendly, feel-good, visually beautiful magazine which includes stories and photographs of our residents and businesses. We encourage our readers’ ideas and stories. Because our readers actively participate in our publications, our reach extends to the stay-at-home parents; small business owners; large business owners/CEOs; people of influence; and anyone that lives, works, eats, plays, and goes to school in our community. Does it sound like these readers could be your client(s)?

We believe so!

Please contact us at jalynnwest@verizon.net or by phone at (214) 497-6579 and we will be more than happy to help you put together a marketing package that will suit your needs and your budget!

We’ll help spread the word!

Advertising is one of the most overlooked tools in growing your business. It’s as important as good service and good employees. Does “word of mouth” work best for you? Imagine if you let us tell others how great you are and spread the word of mouth to an even wider circle! We can work with most budgets, offer strategic marketing and advertising tactics and introduce you to a larger market. Let us help you tell others how good your product or service is, how you can make other’s lives better and easier. Our Community Magazine is print, internet, social media, and we’re out there in the community telling others about you. Call us today for a pressure-free consultation. How are we different? Our bottom line is people.

Benefits and Features:

Many levels of exposure for your business!
• Quality print publication
• Social Media promotions
• Website presence with links to your business
• Interactive newsletter promotions with links to your
• Video interviews
• Great photography
• A business spotlight which truly tells your story
• An on-line version of the Magazine complete with
call-to-action links to your business
• A targeted distribution aimed at the decision-makers you
want to reach
• Diverse advertising rates to fit your budget

Convenient Ad Sizes

Click on the templates below to download the ad size that you desire. This will not only be a document you can use to create your ad to ensure proper sizing but also act as a visual guide to show you what the ad sizes actually are once they’re printed.

Full Page
Half Page Horizontal
Half Page Vertical
Third Page Horizontal
Quarter Page Quad
Quarter Page Horizontal
Over-sized Business Card

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